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Unique Selling Points: For each destination you specify, outline any unique selling points and special features, attractions, activities, resorts, hotels, etc that you would like featured.  If you have a working relationship with a travel or tourism stakeholder in that destination, we will highlight that facility.

FBO's: If your destination is an airport and you wish to have a specific FBO featured, please specify. 

If You Leave The Space Blank: We will use our own judgement in featuring unique selling points, special attractions, facilities, FBO, accommodations and available activities for the destination specified..

Target Markets: In most cases, it will probably be obvious, - however, just to be sure - For each destination you specify, please specify the charter market you are targeting.  For Example: The Business or Corporate Market / or the Mining & Exploration Industry / or First Nations Communities / or Adventure Travel Market - Remote Fishing, Wildlife Viewing, etc.

We will ensure that each segment of your Video Newsletter is properly themed to the Charter Market You Are Targeting.

Departure Points: We normally will show potential charter flight route maps with a moving aircraft icon for each destination. You may specify up to 4 departure points for each destination.  If for example you are licenced to pick up passengers in the USA we will show an aircraft icon flying up from the USA to the destination you specify. For Canadian departures you can specify an exact airport or city / or if you wish, just specify the province and territory for a more general illustration. 

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