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If You Are Among Any Of The Travel / Tourism Categories Listed Below / And A Percentage Of Your Guests Typically Travel To Your Destination By Air / Either Commercial Airlines or Charter / We Invite You To Begin Submitting Promotional Posts In Any Of Our Forum Categories Free Of Charge

  • Hotels / Motels

  • Fishing & Hunting Lodges

  • Outfitters

  • Wildlife Tour Operators 

  • Golf Courses / Golf Resorts

  • Ski Resorts

  • Outdoor Adventure Service Providers

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Submitting Promotional Posts To Our Forum Categories 

Click The Forum Link in the top navigation bar.


Scroll through our list of Forum Categories

If you have not already registered, you will be asked to register using your Email Address and a Password.  Click any forum category to bring up the registration form.

Once you are registered you can either complete your Member's Profile section - or get started posting and promoting right away.


You may submit posts to as many Forum Categories that match the services you offer or the markets you are targeting


You may include images in all posts you submit


You may submit descriptive text that describes your services or target markets and encourages clients to contact you

Be sure to include a selection of Key Words in your Title and your Descriptive Text (See Search Tool Below)

Use different key words for each post.  This way you will be targeting multiple markets.

You can promote availability, special pricing or promotion deals, new features or services added to your company, or virtually anything else that may generate new clients for you.

You may include one link back to your website in each post you submit

Just select the text you want to link.  Click the linking icon in the tool bar.  Enter the URL of your website.

You may also include phone numbers and email address if you wish (most do not include their email)

You should revise your posts or submit new posts every week as the most current posts will show up at the top of the search results page

Our Entire Network Becomes Your Marketing Partner

Charter Flight Network is not an airline, but rather a vast network of professional Air Charter Services located in every province and territory of Canada and throughout the USA

Each of our Associate Air Charter Marketing Partners has an extensive client base made up of highly affluent business, professional and vacation travelers

Our Associate Air Charter Partners are constantly seeking new and unique travel destinations to promote to their client base in order to increase their air charter activity.

When your travel/tourism services or facility joins our Marketing Network, you immediately become another travel opportunity for our Associate Air Charter Partners to offer their client base.

The Forum Search Tool

Every Network Page contains a search tool in the Footer.  

Every Forum Category Page contains 2 search tools.  One at the top of the Forum and one in the Footer.

The Search Tool is programmed to search our Data Base for Key Words.  It does not search the Internet

When clients are searching on our site for any travel related services, they simply enter a Key Word in the search tool and all posts that contain that Key Word show up in the search results page.

We recommend you read our "Tips On Using Our Network Search Tool"  This will enable you to test your search results, each time you submit a post to ensure your Key Words are bringing up your post.  Click the link, then scroll down the page to find Search Tips.

When you enter a Key Word in the search tool, you need to hit "return" or "enter" on your key board or iphone depending on your platform.  This will begin the search process and bring up results on a search results page.

About Key Words 

Every time you submit a post, you should include a selection of Key Words


Your Title should include one or two Key Words.


Your Descriptive Text should include a selection of Key Words geared to the services you offer or the Market you are Targetting.


Determine what Key Words clients may use when searching for the services you offer.

This Promotion Functions On Two Websites

The Website you are on right now is and was just recently launched for the sole purpose of holding our Network Data Base and all Forum Content.  You need to log in to access out Data Base.

Our primary website is located at and has been online for over 12 years. This site reaches a very affluent travel market and drives 90% of the traffic to our Data Base and your Forums.  This site is open to the public and does not require a log in.

Our two sites are inter-linked

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